Morning Meeting with WeVideo

Good morning! As our schools move to remote learning, being purposeful about social-emotional learning is paramount. Morning Meeting sets the tone for respectful and engaged learning and
enhances connections among students and between students and teachers. A great way to continue Morning Meetings is through WeVideo.

To get started:

-Plan your message: The Responsive Classroom model recommends a greeting, sharing, group activity, and morning message.

-Create visuals: Find engaging videos and stills in the WeVideo Essentials Library or create your own visuals with google slides.

-Create your Video: Record your morning message (choose webcam AND screen so students can see you and your slides at the same time!)

-Send your video to your students: Send you video through your district approved method (email, Google Classroom, Canvas, Seesaw, etc.). Ask for students to respond back either with a video!

We’d love to see your morning meeting videos! Post them here!

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Love this approach @nathan.lang-raad Wanted to highlight a few community contributions @jennifer.leban shared her SEL video check-in here

I also posted this example from the CTO of Alexandria Schools at

Can’t wait to see what others are doing and creative ways to stay in touch with both colleagues and students while sheltering in place.

@bruce.reicher Sent me this awesome morning meeting example, created in WeVideo. Thought I would share here too.

Thank for information

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